The cables to trust…

Vadodara: A major fire broke out at the city office of a multinational company involved in market research and consumer data study on Sunday afternoon. Fire department had to declare a ‘major call’ to douse the fire which engulfed second and third floors of the building near VUDA circle. According to officials of the MNC – Numerator, a minor short-circuit in the server room could have sparked the fire. The two floors were currently not operational and nobody was present there and the fire spread quickly. Fire officials said the first response team could see flames and smoke bellowing out of windows and thus a ‘major call’ was announced. Fire department sources said both floors were covered with thick smoke due to which firemen had to break glass windows and install exhaust machines to remove it. “Air-conditioner ducts, wirings and false ceiling panels were engulfed in flames. As these structures got burned, they started collapsing as well and so we had to be careful,” said a fire official. “The building’s structure was damaged to a large extent due to heat so we continued with the cooling process for some time,” fire officer Manish Mod said.


Company’s officials said operations are currently on only on ground floor. “Since it was Sunday, not many people were present on ground floor as well and there were no casualties,” company’s human resources director Suchit Patel said. On learning about the fire, municipal commissioner Nalin Upadhyay reached the spot. “Our priority was to ensure that there were no casualties and as it was a Sunday, very few people were present in the building,” he said. Although the company officials claim that a short-circuit could have ignited the fire, fire department will be taking help of forensic experts to ascertain the exact reason for the blaze. The company had shifted to the building in November last year and was planning to extend its operations on upper floors in the coming months.

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