The cables to trust…

A short-circuit at Vadodara railway station caused a panic among onlookers and commuters on Saturday noon. The short circuit occurred in a low tension control panel located between platform number two and three at around 11:44am at
the railway station.

Initially, there were sparks and smoke started emitting out of the control panel causing panic amongst those present at the spot. At one point, the sounds and the smoke that was emitted out of the panel resembled that of the fire crackers. According to officials, the electric short circuit might have occurred due to rainwater which might have seeped into the power board. The short circuit affected electric supply to all stalls on the platform.

“All other power supply at platform is working normally. The restoration work is in progress and it will be completed soon,” said Khemraj Meena, public relations officer of Vadodara railway division, adding that nobody got injured due to the incident. “The fire was immediately brought under control using fire fighting equipments by the staff present at the spot,” he said.

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