The cables to trust…

AHMEDABAD: Even before summer sets in two major incidents of fire were reported in Ahmedabad on Thursday. This included an incident where a major fire engulfed over 15 shanties in slum area besides Chandola lake in Narol area of the city. The another incident occurred in Vanch village in the outskirts of city where in a fire broke out in fire-crackers factory located on a farm land. The first incident of Chandola lake occurred on Thursday afternoon when fire suddenly broke out in a shanty near a Dargah (shrine).

A team of 30 personnel of Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Service (AFES) rushed there with eight fire tenders and doused the fire in around one and half hour. Articles worth Rs lakhs were gutted into fire, said a fire official. MF Dastoor, chief fire official, said that the reason for the fire has not been ascertained. Locals said that a short circuit could be reason besides someone also might have done some mischief which caused the fire. In March last year, a major fire had occurred in the same area wherein 100 shanties were engulfed in flames.

Another incident of Vanch in daskroi taluka left three persons injured, said Dastoor. “We managed to douse the fire with one fire tenders and three AFES personnel,” he said.

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