The cables to trust…

SURAT: Fire broke out in a four floor complex in Surat on Monday evening. Ten students of different ages were rescued after they were trapped in thick cloud of smoke.The fire erupted following a spark in the electric metre box on the ground floor of the building in Vesu area. The fire spread up to the second floor of the four floor building, however huge amount of smoke emanating reached the third floor.


The students were trapped in smoke and had to be rescued by a hydraulic platform by fire officials of Surat Municipal corporation(SMC). These students had inhaled carbon monoxide and condition of three was stated to be critical. Four are admitted in Global sunshine hospital whereas four are in Sanjeevani hospital of the city. A medical practitioner Dr Uday Shah, who runs a clinic in the complex said that he revived three children before sending them to the hospital. Whereas another witness said that fire started from ground floor and reached second floor but it was the smoke that trapped students many suffered due to that.

Dr Shah said that few of them may have suffered some damage to their vital organs due to inhaling of carbon monoxide. City Mayor Dr Jagdish Patel, who reached the spot along with municipal Commissioner M Thennarasan and Standing committee Chairman Anil Goplani to oversee the rescue operations said, “All the trapped students have been rescued by breaking open the glasses of AC classroom. None of the students suffered any burn injuries. These students were in private class named curious mind academy.” The Agam complex is a four floor building, housing nearly 225 shops on the ground floor and upper three floors are occupied by business offices, clinics of doctors, laboratories and even a restaurant.

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