The cables to trust…

VADODARA: Around 12 tonne of coconut fibre and coco peat was gutted after fire broke out at Organic House, a company manufacturing organic fertilizer at an industrial area on Padamla-Sankarda Road near the city, on Tuesday midnight.

According to fire department officials, they received the call at midnight on Tuesday. Since Nandesari GIDC was nearer to the industrial area, the fire brigade there too was informed by the Vadodara Fire and Emergency Services. The fire department had dispatched three water dowsers, however 12 tonne of raw material was gutted.“We managed to save raw material stored over there in huge quantity and also made sure that the fire did not spread to the company’s building and neighbouring units,” said Om Jadeja, station officer, TP13 fire station.

The fire fighters also used a earthmover to separate the raw material from the raw material that was on fire. Jadeja said that the firemen had tough time since the factory premises spread over 4,000 square metre area did not have fire-fighting and fire hydrant systems.

Fire officials believe that the fire could have been sparked either due to short-circuit or if anyone had thrown a burning cigarette from outside. The owners have claimed that they have faced losses to the tune of Rs five lakh.

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