The cables to trust…

Short-circuit in an air conditioner led to fire in the office of an insurance company located on the first floor of a commercial building in Fatehgunj area, Vadodara on Tuesday, 21st Nov’17.


The fire department got a call about the incident around 9.40 am following which two fire engines were rushed to the spot. The fire spread to another air-conditioner and there was lot of smoke, creating panic on the other floors.

“When we reached there, there was chaos in the building as people were trying to get out of the building. Along with trying to douse the fire, another team was involved in rescuing people,” said Sheikh, station fire officer. Since the fire broke out few hours before the opening hours of the restaurant and coaching class, which are situated on the top floor of the three-storeyed building, there were not many people there.

Firemen had to break front panel of the glass to exhaust the smoke from the building as there was only one window. “There were fire extinguishers in the office but in the hurry to get out of the building, people did not use them. However, we were successful in saving eight computers, a laptop, documents and files and cash amounting to Rs 65,977,” added Sheikh.

Source – TOI

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