The cables to trust…

A fire broke out on the top floor of a residential building in Hiranandani Heritage Complex at Kandivali in Mumbai on Thursday, 15th Sep 2016. There were no reports of casualties.


The fire was reported from the 22nd floor of the posh building around 1 pm on Thursday.

According to a spokesperson for the realty group, the conflagration was reported around 1 p.m. from the 32nd floor of the building where some renovation work was in progress and it later spread down to the 31st floor.

Four fire tenders, two ambulances and water tankers were rushed to the building which is a new construction in the complex and only 18 flats were occupied.

There were no reports of any casualties so far and the preliminary cause of the blaze is suspected to be a short-circuit, the spokesperson added.

The conflagration was brought under control in less than three hours by the building security and the fire brigade due to a modern fire-fighting system installed within the complex, situated on a busy thoroughfare.

Source- ANI

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