The cables to trust…


Nearly 125 people were rescued after fire broke out in the nine-storey commercial complex near Akshar Chowk on Thursday afternoon.

Smoke started billowing from the Signet commercial complex, spreading panic among the occupants as well as in nearby areas. A wire duct located between the second and third floor caught fire, due to short-circuit, leading to power cut on several floors.  Hundreds working in offices of the complex were present inside when the smoke began spreading to the floors.

While people on the top floor rushed to the terrace to escape suffocation, those below got stuck in their offices and shops.


A girl identified as Belseva jumped from the third floor of the building to escape the smoke that engulfed the lobby of the complex. She fractured her arm and got head injuries. She was rushed to a hospital nearby.

In-charge chief fire officer, Deepak Gunjal, said, “The fire seems to have started from a wire duct causing smoke on different floors. The fire wasn’t intense but the toxic smoke posed problems during the rescue operations. We rescued over 125 persons from the building.“

Source – TOI

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