The cables to trust…

A fire broke out at a steel company in Godhra, Gujarat, on Saturday September 27, 2015, gutting scrap worth Rs.3 crores.

A short circuit inside the godown of the steel company caused fire.

Fire tenders took almost 12 hours to douse the flames that also took three stationary trucks loaded with scrap in its gambit.

“Late night we got the information that A.K Traders Company had caught fire. Our staff including the fire tenders went to the site and started dousing the flames. Since the fire was huge we had called the fire brigade of the nearby areas as well. After 11-12 hours of working, we finally doused the fire,” said fire officer, P F Solanki on Sunday.

Steel company owner Phirdose Bhai Kothi blamed the delay in the arrival of fire service personnel for his loss.

“The fire inside the scrap godown took place due to a short circuit and we asked for help from the municipality. Our loss could have been limited if the fire tenders would have reached the spot on time, but they did not,” said Kothi.

No causalities have been reported so far.

Source: Business standard

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