The cables to trust…

Due to growing environmental consciousness, many green building are coming up in Gujarat.  Such residential projects are characterized by eco-friendly amenities such as rainwater harvesting, water recycling and solar power systems.  A green home is not just a type of house designed to be environmental friendly and sustainable, but also focuses on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials.  What goes inside a building is also equally important as the exterior look of the house.  The type of cable going inside a building is also majorly monitored, seeing the number of fires happening around due to short-circuit.  Halogen-free cables, flame retardant building materials are also increasingly used these days.

green home

At present, there is tremendous growth and awareness about green buildings.  Not just individuals but also some of the well-known corporate houses have a policy to occupy green buildings.  With active support from the government and the private sector, green buildings will soon become the norm.  Hence, few years from now, only green buildings will be in demand.

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