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A grade 2 fire ruined an entire floor of a 21 storey residential building near Mumbai Central railway station behind Maratha Mandir theatre. The building contained railway officers’ quarters, fourteen people were reported to have been injured in the blaze. No casualties were reported.
The cause of the fire was a short-circuit on the fourth floor. It was noticed around 11:15 am which eventually spread upwards toward the terrace. An initial observation by the fire brigade officials found the fire to be of grade 1, but it gradually turned out to be a grade 2 fire. Eight water tankers were sent to the spot to douse the flames, which took considerable time to be brought under control.
“A lot of smoke was seen coming out from the floor where the fire broke out, which caused panic amongst the residents and made the evacuation process a little difficult,” said a civic body official.
Of the 14 injured, seven were taken to BMC-run Nair Hospital while seven were admitted to Jagjivanram Hospital, which is run by the Railways, in Mumbai Central. The patients are between 17 to 85 years of age.

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