The cables to trust…

A short-circuit caused in internal wiring of a residential complex in Empire Estate in Chinchwad caused a fire which gutted as many as 25 electricity meters installed in the building.

Had not proper action taken place by the residents, a major fire could have broken out which might have caused serious damages to its residents and the building.  The building located along the Pune-Mumbai highway comprises of 1,600 flats.

Vijaya Naidu a resident who lives on the first floor of the twelve storeyed building states that she woke up around 4am to the sound which was similar to that of bursting firecrackers.  She saw smoke billowing from the place where electricity meters were placed in the building.  Her family rushed out of the building and alerted others, police, fire brigade and the Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited.

The fire brigade and other civic official rushed to the spot which prevented the fire and a major disaster well in time.  If the fire was not brought in control, it would have spread to around 200 two wheeler’s and four wheeler’s parked in the premises.

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