The cables to trust…

With so many fires doing the round this year, hopefully it’s the year-end closure for fire at the Hawa hawaii actor’s house.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s abode in Andheri West, Mumbai caught fire due to a short circuit in the actresses’ bedroom. However, the starlet and her family are safe and sound, but her bedroom is said to be completely devastated.


It was her presence of mind that she immediately switched off the main switch of their residence, and the fire did not spread to other parts of the house. There was no casualty but the fire damaged a portion of the house including precious items. The flames reportedly engulfed the actress’ bedroom, which housed several of her belongings. Apart from her wardrobe, her valuable artworks were also engulfed in the fire.

List of fires in the year 2013…

January 27: Fire in the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, killed at least 233 people

February 27: Fire in Surya Sen Market, Kolkata killed 18 people

April 26: Moscow psychiatric hospital fire killed 38.

June 3, The Jilin Baoyuanfeng Poultry Plant fire killed 119 persons in Mishazi Township, Jilin Province, China.

September 13: Fire at a psychiatric hospital in Luka, Novgorod Region, Russia kills 37.

September 15: Fire at Hai Duong Trade Center, Vietnam- did not cause causalities but caused a total material loss of VND500 billion (US$23.6 million).

October 25: A fire at Diana Vietnam diaper factory in northern Bac Ninh Province of Vietnam (20,000,000 USD).

We have seen series of fires in the very year 2013 and wish to see none of it in the coming new year and ahead. We hope Indian Government takes important steps to ensure of what goes inside the building. The main factor of fire spread is the wire and cables. If the cable going inside is monitored then it can help to stop fire promotion with no extra cost and efforts, then why not?

We have taken this as our corporate responsibility as enough is enough. Somebody needs to come up with a solution. We cannot afford to lose our loved ones or something very precious to us. We cannot live without a peace of mind too. Why worry about the safety of oneself and loved ones? Why not prevent in the first hand as it gets too late to cure? Why can India not rise when all other countries have made it mandatory to use Fire resistant cables if the building goes above one storey. Why is it that even when we go twenty-storey we have no law to ensure whether we have used fire-resistant cables or not? Why is there no specification in place? Why does everyone play a blame-game when there is an incident? Why does one not come forward, take the responsibility and work towards the safety regulations?

It’s sad but the note ends with a why. WHY?

Hopeful to get an answer to it in the coming year and not see or hear of any untoward incident. May all stay safe. AMEN!

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