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Yet Again!

Seven people killed. Four firemen injured with three residents. Twenty-five people rescued. People residing above the 12th floor- trapped in their apartments. They could not come down as the smoke had engulfed the entire floor.

There was yet again a major fire in the city going sky-wards: MUMBAI.

A major fire broke out in a 26-storey Mont Blanc building, an elite residential high-rise in South Mumbai last evening. The fire that started on the 12th floor was restricted to that floor and brought under control after more than three hours. mumbai_fire2--621x414


Each floor in the building has two flats. One of the flats on the 12th floor was occupied by Gandhi and his family while the other was undergoing repair works.

Chandan Yadav, who lives on the sixth floor, said, “The fire broke out due to a short circuit in a flat where some repair work was going on. No one was living in that flat.”

Residents also reported a cylinder blast in the building, which could not be verified immediately.

The injured firemen were rushed to Breach Candy Hospital. Dr Geeta Koppikar, medical director at the hospital, said, they had sustained superficial burns and were stable. She said several residents were brought with symptoms of asphyxiation as well. 90536D98D5832A90CA7D8AE8A22E9

The building had one central lift, which 5-10 people used to get out of the building when the fire broke out. The lift was stopped soon after.

“Realising that fire had broken out, a few of us got into the lift and managed to come to the ground floor. The lift went out of order soon,” said Ajay, a caretaker at a French company’s guest house on the 19th floor.

The building had all the fire-safety mechanisms which greatly helped in preventing the fire from escalating to higher floors. Though rescue operations were hampered by the narrow lane leading to the building. The high-rise — which has 52 flats and a swimming pool — is located right next to another skyscraper, the iconic Grand Paradi. Also, Mont Blanc has only one staircase and does not have a fire-escape.

“We were constantly in touch with the residents who were trapped inside. We asked them to switch off their gas connections, keep a lot of water next to them and a bundle of towels,” said a fireman.

September this year, fire broke out on the sets of Kapil Sharma’s highest rated show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. Kapil Sharma said, “The fire broke out due to short-circuit. Thankfully, there are no causalities in the accident. But, it is a major loss for us.”


The Indian television industry might be growing at a rapid speed and making big-budget shows, but basic safety measures on the sets are still not up to the mark.

The massive fire on the sets of Sanjay Khan’s historical show, Tipu Sultan, in 1990 should have been a glaring example for the industry to learn from.

Yet, here we are, expressing shock over the fire on the sets of stand-up comic, Kapil Sharma’s TV show, Comedy Nights With Kapil.

The disaster has shocked and upset many in the industry. But if you think these instances are few and far between, you are wrong. Similar accidents have happened in the past too.

The very next month, November 2013, we heard of a minor fire break out in Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan’s beach-facing bungalow ‘Mannat’ located in suburban Bandra West tonight, after a short circuit. The short circuit, which occurred in a bathroom’s exhaust fan, set off the bungalow’s fire alarm. The blaze was quickly brought under control after alert security guards called up the fire brigade, which rushed two fire engines to the spot. mannat1

We lose so much in the run. We express anger and play the blame-game but nothing shall benefit. Law and conduct should come into place and speculated and so must one and all follow. Life is precious, it is!

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