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discovery_of_fireThe discovery of fire was of vital importance in the history of humanity. For many centuries man used fire to help him with the task of everyday life, although he did not learn to control it completely until the invention of fuel ignition systems. But such a powerful element has its dangers as well as its advantages. On the one hand it provides great support, but on the other it carries enormous risk. It can do us a great deal of good but can also bring disaster. Think of example of how we heat our buildings: they are comfortable to live in, but if something goes wrong a fire can break out and cause great destruction. The factor that majorly induces fire is the material used to build houses, insecure use, and lack of appropriate alarm systems and quick response safety systems.

The most dangerous fires in respect of consequences are buildings fire events, mainly these within an urban agglomeration. This applies to places with high population density and points of interest such as:

objectives_2_-_Bernard_Krol_Poland_-2» Hospitals

» Schools

» Shopping malls

» Office buildings

» Stadiums

» Airports

» Industrial sites

Most fire hazards are created in these facilities due to a short circuit in electrical wiring, gas explosion or setting a fire by an accident.

Cables play a vital role in the event of fire. The fire itself not only carries the risk of fire spread, but also the danger of the spread of smoke and toxic substances extremely hazardous to human life. Currently, the primary material used in the production of power cables, signal cables, control and measurement, and telecommunications is PVC – Polyvinyl chloride.

It is in several respects an ideal material for the manufacture of cables. Its mechanical properties combined with high reliability offer great opportunities for cable industry. However, in reaction to fire this polymer creates a huge risk. Fires in which the PVC is combusted are characterized by emission of large quantities of smoke, soot and toxic, corrosive substances. Already at the temperature of 120°C PVC releases hydrogen chloride (HCl) and dioxins and furans (PCDD and PCDF) – one of the most harmful substances recognized by toxicology. The resulting large quantities of black smoke, toxic, corrosive gases and acids disable effective evacuation and greatly hinder the carrying out rescue operations. Moreover most fire deaths are not caused by burns, but by smoke inhalation.

The use of cables maintaining the circuit integrity during the fire, not emitting smoke and poisonous gases is a key issue not only for us as a producer, but for users of cable or alarm systems, both regarding to the personal safety of people and to protect equipment and property.PVC_insulated_and_sheathed_Copper_Conductor_power_cable_634546837055129319_2

To meet these dangers, FrTek offers range of alternative products manufactured from halogen-free materials, materials made incombustible and fire proof.

Being a wire & cable solution provider, we think it is our moral duty and responsibility to create awareness among our fellow beings. Taking appropriate action and not compromising on small things which ultimately in case of emergency may lead to big problems is the sole mantra for a Fire-safe INDIA. We must beware of the cables we are choosing to go inside our buildings and also keep a regular check to avoid irreplaceable loss.

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