The cables to trust…

Our mantra

ImageEach life is precious and we have come with our expertise product because we care. What the whole world calls CABLE… We call SAFETY. We go that extra mile to power you beyond the surface and bringing you back to nature. As we touch your life everyday, we want to reach our dream via YOU and the dream is green.

FrTek Cable is proud to offer a breakthrough flame retardant technology that saves lives, protects property and preserves the environment. Brands trusted for exceptional fire safety.

Today, as we stand for life’s larger emergencies and all your bombastic needs, cables in your day to day life is backed by our proven expertise in flame retardant chemistry and fire safety. You can count on the most innovative, effective and environmentally cables for your homes, offices, hospitals and all places where you want to be safe.

FrTek Cable helps save lives and protects property while leading the industry through sustainable manufacturing, excellent stewardship practices and continuous technological innovation.

What you don’t know can kill you, thus FrTek Cable is here to aware the world the hazards and precautions of fire linked to cables.

As money is not invested eagerly in prevention it is never possible conclusively – except through abstractions and complex modeling – to demonstrate the number of lives saved by taking a simple precaution. Lives lost however not only are clearly evident but also make great headlines. But like we say – better safe than sorry. And that is our mantra- Being beyond the surface for a new revolution in planetary vision because we have the power of resilience.

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